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Normalise Feeling Calm

Normalise Feelign Calm | Blog

Now the title may confuse you, why wouldn’t we normalise feeling calm? It sounds silly right? I agree, it does! However today as I was sitting on the couch, I noticed how calm I felt. I feel super grounded, calm, emotionless in a way and it felt very neutral. In my mind, I then thought to myself – is something wrong with me, am I feeling down, am I sad, am I annoyed?? The answer was no to all these questions. I just felt very calm and neutral.


My mind was not use to this feeling of calmness and neutrality, that it provoked me into unconsciously self-sabotaging myself so I could feel some sort of emotion (good or bad). However, in that process, I stopped myself and composed myself. I thought to myself, ‘no, I actually feel really calm right now, nothing is wrong, I just need to normalise this feeling.’


So here I am now, writing this blog and sharing my thoughts with you all. At so many times in our lives, we can create these false narratives to help us slip into old patterns and ways of being in our lives. It can be very quick and easy to fall back into these emotions, ways of thinking & acting. However, next time you feel yourself in a very neutral way of thinking and feeling – normalise it! Allow yourself to just be! We do not need to be feeling happy or grateful all the time.


One thing that has helped me so much with creating a solid foundation with my inner self, is my intuition. Tapping into and trusting my own thoughts, feelings and emotions has helped me so much in being able to decipher what is true within my inner world. If you want to start understanding your inner world more, and how to trust your own feelings and emotions – tap into and trust your intuition.


This was a fun way to share my thoughts with you all! I hope this helps anyone out there to stop self-sabotage your inner peace! Sending you all so much love!

Karli x


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