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My Multidimensional Healing Sessions are a complete energetic reset. Within these sessions I energetically connect with your energetic body and realign you back to your authentic energy and inner power. These sessions are for those who feel like they need an energetic cleanse, a reset, need help clearing blockages within the energetic body, haven't felt 'yourself' in a while, needing guidance and clarity, curious about your energetic body and wanting to learn more about how to keep it aligned and more... (you will know and feel the nudge when you're ready).

During these sessions I connect in and use Reiki, channel guidance and messages from my guides as well as your higher self and connect in and channel Light Language. With these modalities they are a perfect combination of helping you release what is no longer serving you, as well as helping you receive new high vibrational energy to align you back to your authentic self. 

After these sessions you will feel aligned, more at peace and lighter within yourself. My intention with these sessions is to help you as much as possible with anything that is currently going on in your life, 

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