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Crystalline Metamorphosis
Ongoing sessions for your transformation & personal evolution

45 Minute Zoom Call - $180

These sessions are your second point of contact, after your initial Metamorphosis session

Within these sessions Karli works with your energetic body to assist in bringing your mind, body and soul back into alignment. Karli channels her sessions and connects in through Light Language, Reiki & Energetic work, to help clear emotional, energetic & spiritual blocks through all lifetimes. Crystalline Metamorphosis sessions are an upgrade in your spiritual, emotional and physical evolution – assisting in your ongoing transformations.

Each session is tailored and intuitively channeled to your individual needs, no matter where you are on your path:

  • Emotional & Energetic Clearings - Clarity & understanding into emotional & energetic blocks – through your higher selves permission these are cleared

  • Shadow Work - Tapping into the hidden parts of your psyche – both light and dark – to assist in proving you clarity on your personal evolution

  • Multidimensional Healing - Healing energetic wounds & blocks from past lifetimes that may be impacting your energy in this lifetime

  • Spiritual Growth - Providing insight on soul lessons & karmic cycles within your life

  • Energy Healing – Calling back balance into your being – releasing heavy energy & clearing density, allowing you to tap into lighter energy

  • Spiritual Surgery – Energetically tapping into your energy body to find blocks, energy cords, energy leaks to heal & transmute into your authentic energy

  • Assisting in your growth as a human – proving insight, clarity & tools specifically for you from your angels & guides

Karli will take and guide you into your own metamorphosis – helping you transform and emerge yourself from your cocoon.




Thank you so much for this beautiful personalized recording.  It really resonated and I connected with it so strongly as collectively we have been having a few heavy days / weeks and the message spoke straight to my heart.

Love this idea and I hope so many people jump onboard with it Karli 🦋

Di M


Karli is very gentle and kind. I was comfortable sharing my physical and emotional health issues with her. She truly listened and together we worked out the focus of healing. Not sure what and how and why (and happy to say, I don't need to know!), but since our session, the very next day I woke up feeling lighter, unburdened, and have been feeling in the flow for the last couple of weeks! Thank you so much!

Janelle B


Hi Karli - not sure how to do a review on insta but wanted to thank you for a fabulous reiki session. I found it very insightful in regard to my chakras - totally spot on! I was very relaxed after our session and had a great night sleep which is somewhat of an achievement for me. Thank you for taking care of me x

Ingrid A


I had the most magical session with Karli Bowra yesterday. Delivering a light language healing with the most angelic voice that seemed like music. Deep cord cutting, attunements and specific guided meditations to name a few of the most powerful moments in such an transformative healing. So grateful for this experience, on such a high, as I have turned a new chapter, thank you so much, you are incredible Karli 🙏 🌈🧚🏻‍♀️ x

Monica G

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