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My Story

Hello angel, thank you for showing your love and support by checking out my site :). Like many, my story of how i came into the healing world - came in a time of need for me. I found myself at the age of 22 suffering with anxiety, fertility issues and a lost sense of who i was. I had been working in a corporate 9-5 job since i left school, and fell into 'the system' - the money was good, i lived for the weekends and thought this was it for me. 

I started going to therapy, seeing reflexologists, fertility doctors - you name it! Just to try relieve some of the mental and physical pain i was in. Deep down i had this sense that there was more to what i was experiencing than just anxiety and fertility issues. My intuition was trying to tell me to stop putting a 'bandaid' over my issues and to get to the root cause of them. 

Since i was little I was brought up in a 'spiritual' household, both my mum and dad lived from the perspective that there is something greater and more to us - something divinely lead steering the ship for us! So when i stumbled across energy healing, reiki healings and energy rebalancing i was a little skeptical but not opposed to seeing if this would help me heal and grow. After my first reiki healing session, i felt so relaxed, able to breathe again and for the first time - i felt like myself again. Since then i have completed my Reiki Master course, healed subconscious blocks, found myself and inner being again, and want to share my passion for energy healing with you all - because without a doubt it has changed my life. 

My philosophy in life, is to create and maintain balance energetically within our self on a soul based level, as well as a human based level. I agree in finding what is right for you, find what will help you heal, grow and evolve as a human. Everything is energy in this world, we live on a vibrational plane - which we need to learn how to balance and maintain. Energy can be manipulated, moved and released - energy healings are a great tool to release emotional, mental, physical and spiritual trauma. 

My aim is to give you the tools you need to grow, heal and become the most authentic version of yourself. I want to show you the tools the helped change my life. Thank you for supporting me, and i hope i can give back to you xx

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