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Creating from the Heart

Creating from the Heart

It hit me this morning, that I have only been scratching the surface of creating true fulfilment and happiness in my life. The reason is that I have been creating from the ego & the heart. The ego is the part of you that is stuck in old ways of thinking, old cycles, beliefs, patterns – all of these create identities of you. The fear, the scarcity, grief, fear, trauma etc. Then to create from the heart, is to create from truth, knowing, love, fulfilment, passion, excitement, and wonder. So that is why I am here today writing my very first blog. It is because I am ready to step into my full potential, to experience abundance, fulfilment, and excitement! So let me guide you into how I tapped into this energy this morning.

Most mornings, I wake up with full alertness of my mind. The many voices in my mind flooding my very first thoughts, the unknown of the day ahead, the worry that I will slip back into old thought patterns (the constant battle with that all day), and the thoughts of how I should run the day. When this kind of energy comes into my mind first thing in the morning, I know to not identify with the energy, I just like to observe it. When we wake up first thing in the morning, our subconscious mind is the most accessible. Knowing this, it has allowed me to just observe the energy that comes through – I know that these ‘voices’ are just self-limiting beliefs – so observing them gives me the key to unlocking and releasing them for good.

I will admit, some days are harder than others to try not to identify with these ‘voices,’ it can be so easy to lean into the energy and believe the narratives that come through. But I now know that on days when I believe into the narrative, it is because somewhere deep down I believe them to be true. Healing and tapping into self-worth wounds here helps me a lot.

Anyway, I digress!! The reason I mentioned the energy that I experience in the mornings is because it will help you decipher if you are leading your day from your head or your heart. When you lean into the false narratives in your mind, it will only make it harder for you to tap into your heart energy and to create from a place of fulfilment and abundance. So become conscious of your thoughts, do not give into them!! Know your worth, your power and just how epic you are! Here is an exercise I like to do when those false narratives come into my mind.

Guided Meditation to clear the mind

Exercise: Close your eyes, centre yourself and take a deep breath in. Listen to those voices, observe them, feel them, and let them come through (feel to heal). Once you have listened to all the false narratives and energy, visualise yourself standing in front of a group of people and yell back at them! Tell them to stop saying these awful and untrue things about you, stand in your power, believe in yourself, and stand your ground! Just let everything flow out of you and listen to your intuition. Once you have finished, send gratitude to yourself.

Doing this exercise helps you identify and see that these energies are not you! You know your truth; you just need a little help to remember it!

Once you have a clear slate in your mind, it is now time to start creating and tapping into the heart. I have found that when you are unclear on what you want, it can feel hard to tap into your heart energy. But here is how I tapped into its energy this morning (because I was feeling a little blocked too).

Firstly, you will need to identify the hearts emotions (feel into it yourself, but here are the emotions that I feel from the heart), the heart for me is love, connection, fulfilment, excitement, passion, truth, knowing, trust, determination, ease, freedom, and grounded energy. Knowing the energy of the heart is going to help you decipher if you are tapping into its energy or not. Now close your eyes, centre yourself, and place your hands on your heart. Visualise your heart inside glowing bigger and bigger. Now repeat to yourself “I am now tapping into my highest potential, the creation from my heart.” Feel the energy that comes through (if it is not energy from the heart and more from the mind, do the exercise above within this time and tell the old energies to go away!) … and that is it!!

Keep doing this whenever you feel the need to, it could be before you start a project, work, or when you need some extra loving energy. Doing this will hep you build the connection with the heart. Then follow the breadcrumbs spirit drops in for you (the emotions from the heart – follow what excites you, brings you passion, loving and fulfilling energy). These breadcrumbs will lead you to creating more from the heart – helping you create more love, fun, fulfilment, peace etc.

For me today, I did just that! I tapped into my heart and followed the breadcrumbs spirit gave me… and it led me here writing my first blog!! Ahhh, I know this is in alignment with me and my heart’s creation because the words have just poured out of me, it has given me so much excitement and a form of therapy as well! Hahah


Sending you all so much love and I hope this helps guide you in some way.


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