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In this inner child healing session we will be releasing emotionally stored trauma within the energetic body. This is a guided energy session to help you within the healing session. As this is such a powerful healing session, I call opn you to think of a specific trigger, memory or situation so we can release the root cause of this energy. 


This healing session is for you if:

- are ready to release wounds from your childhood

- are feeling called to heal and tap into your inner child

- constantly feel stuck or unguided in your life

- want to become more authentically aligned to your true self


This is a complete energy healing session that is incredibly powerful. Just as if you were getting a personal, in-person session, we work on all areas of your mental, emotional, physical, and energetic bodies. This is an MP3 download, you can use every day to get your daily dose of Reiki Energy Healing!


What to Expect

16-minute MP3 Instant Download to use again and again


Healing Procedure

- During this session, we are releasing any subconscious/conscious trauma and energy blocks that are ready to be released. Before each session you are called to set intentions with what you are ready to release. I invite you to open your heart and mind when setting these intentions - know that everything you need energetically will be given to you. Listen to this energy healing whenever you feel called to.


How it Works

Energy knows no time or space. When I infuse an mp3 with energy healing, the session is sealed into the mp3 session. Each time you play it, you receive a fresh energy session for your intentions. Through the use of intentions, I am able to channel the energy directly into you, every time. 


Post Healing Session

After every healing session, drink plently of water to help release and detox any energy that no longer serves you. Always be kind to yourself and your emotions after each session. Whatever is needing to be released after each session, will emotionally come up in your conscious mind - practices like journalling and other self soothing practices are beneficial. 



--This is a pre-recorded healing session. Not a personal, one-on-one session


This is not a substitute for professional medical care. It is for entertainment and relaxation purposes only. By purchasing this MP3, you hereby acknowledge, understand, and agree to the following terms and the terms listed on the websites 'Terms of Service'--

This mp3 is not a substitute for any professional treatment

Outcomes of any kind are not guaranteed and vary per the needs and expectations of each listener. 

This is not a medical service nor substitute. 

Understand that Holistic Healing by Karli and Karli Bowra are not liable nor responsible for any experiences during the session or outcomes of this session. 

All sales final. 

Inner Child Healing

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