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Gratitude is one of the best tools in creating and manifesting your dream life! The reason is because we FEEL into the pleasures and abundances of life. When we do this, we are vibrating at a higher frequency, which is where a-lot of our desires are! To tap into and unlock our desires, we must match our frequency! 

To help you match your frequency to a higher vibration and align with your desires, included is a daily affirmation section (mantra's are a powerful tool to attracting your desires), gratitude section, manifesting section and a body scan section (this will help you gain clarity and awareness around how you feel each morning, and included in a white light cleansing tool). 

Gaining awareness on who you are, what fills your cup up, and what depletes your energy is KEY to becoming energetically aligned with who you are at the core. I have included a weekly 'soul time' reflection to help you gain clarity and awareness.

Remember, YOU can have ANYTHING you want in this life! YOU are so deserving of everything you want!
This Gratitude Journal will be an amazing tool in helping you achieve your manifestations and desires xx

This listing is a DIGITAL product, no PHYSICAL ITEMS will be mailed. 
Due to the digital nature of this product, purchases are non-refundable. 
Files are permitted for personal use only.

You will receive an instant download link for the following items:

-  1 Digital Daily Gratitude Journal PDF

Daily Gratitude Journal

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